One Day, Three Autumns

A Resolution of Sorts

Death and other Mysteries

Battle was joined! Li Song changed to her true, demonic form, Alister Chen continued shooting at the Evil Sorcerer, Hu Bao Feng raced off to save the girl while Han Daken stayed sensibly out of the way.

Despite unleashing various energy blasts, the Evil Sorcerer was unable to stop Hu Bao Feng from freeing the girl or from Li Song from seizing him, flying upward, and then flinging him to smash on the ground like a watermelon dropped from the top of a 10-story building.

Hurriedly leaving the park with the freed girl before the police could show up (and after a quick call to the IGU’s Secret Action Commission to do cleanup), they boarded Alister Chen’s speed boat and returned to the mainland. However, when they got there, they found an unpleasant surprise waiting for them. Shan Dien was waiting for them with a handful of thugs.

Shan Dien ordered the thugs to kill the adventures, then sauntered off, but they were quickly put down by Hu Bao Feng’s efforts. However, matters were clearly not resolved.

The girl was returned to her sister and Han Daken was paid. However, Li Song was still trapped nearly two thousand years in her future. Something had to be done!

Hu Bao Feng and Alister Chen took Li Song back to the shrine where she had travelled to the present from. There, she left a magic key taken from the Evil Sorcerer and took in exchange two train tickets, and soon heard a train coming. The three came out of the woods to see an unmoving train approached by a moving train station!? The entered the station, Li Song boarded it. The train the carried Li Song back to her time, and Hu Bao Feng and Alister Chen eventually escaped the traveling station.



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