One Day, Three Autumns

Three sought answers, but found adventure!

The dominoes begin to fall...

The next day, the three got together (Hu Bao Feng not completely healed of his wounds) to talk to the sorcerer Alister met the night before, Han Daken. In the meantime, they have concluded: the Evil Sorcerer who kidnapped Alister’s student’s sister was almost certainly the Evil Sorcerer that Li Song had been sent to the present to hunt, and the demon had clearly been after Hu Bao Feng’s student.

Han Daken determines that the kidnapped girl is an “hare” (whatever that means!) and can be sacrificed for vast magical power. The sorcerer managed to get a trace on the kidnapped girl, across the water on Lantau Island. The sorcerer is hired to accompany them, and all take off to Lantau Island in Alister’s old motorboat.

When they arrive, they track the girl to an abandoned factory. The three enter (the sorcerer staying outside), and they investigate, starting with the basement. There is a brief battle with three masked, hopeless mooks and it is revealed that they should of gone up to the roof instead. They rush to the roof to find that the sorcerer is gone, and very recently. Well, at least they interrupted his attempt to sacrifice the girl had been interrupted. The Evil Sorcerer has even left his sacrificial dagger behind!

Han Daken uses the dagger to drag our heroes though darkness and the world between, to a park elsewhere on Lantau island. There, if front of them is the Evil Sorcerer with the kidnapped girl! Alister shoots the Evil Sorcerer but he does not go down…



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